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It has been more than 70 years since the implementation of Hitler’s final solution.
In remembrance of the fateful implementation of Hitler’s final solution, The Flame Society has commissioned the Flag of Remembrance, a 30”’ x 72”’ vertical banner that will serve as a reminder of the millions who perished.  “We Will Never Forget” is boldly imprinted on the banner along with the Magen David with the “Jude” that Jews were forced to wear during the Nazi occupation. Zachor, or Remember, is printed above and below the star. April 19, 2012, 27 Nisan 5772, Yom Hashoah, was the official commemoration day of The Flag Of Remembrance. Houses of worship and schools should proudly display the flag. You will receive the flag with a donation of $100 or more to The Flame Society.  All proceeds benefit The Flame Society’s Holocaust related projects.  If you wish, you may donate your flag to a Jewish educational institution.
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